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MOVE Conceptual Framework Vulnerability Risk Risk Governance Adaptation Susceptibility and Fragility Exposure Lack of Resilience Economic Social Environmental Impact Organization Planning Implementation Vulnerability Intervention Hazard Intervention Temporal Spatial Physical Ecological Social Economic Cultural Institutional Capacity to Anticipate Capacity to Cope Capacity to Recover Local Scale Subnational scale National scale International scale


One of the main deliverables of the MOVE project is the MOVE web based indicators database (MOVE wb-db), to support the transformation of research results into a suitable format for dissemination.
The MOVE wb-db collects the indicators to assess vulnerability used in Barcelona, Cologne/Bonn, London, North-Western Portugal, Prato, Pistoia, Florence Lucca, Salzach River and South Tyrol, the seven case study areas involved in the project.
The query tool of the MOVE wb-db allows people to search for indicators mainly to asses vulnerability, but also in relation with risk, risk governance and adaptation; also it offers the possibility to look for indicators in all the dimensions and capacities in the vulnerability field, as well as indicators related with the potential impacts of risk, factors included in risk governance, and the interventions required for adaptation.
Now, all the partners involved in the MOVE project invite people from all the world to consult this MOVE wb-db, in order to improve not only the methodologies to assess vulnerability in Europe but also to encourage the improvement of the methodologies and hence contribute to the risk reduction and the life protection over the world.
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